B12 Men’s Golf Championship

Currently sitting in 4th through three rounds with the final round tomorrow. The 1-3 spots are playing really good golf but unfortunately spots 4-5 are holding us back on the team leaderboard. A top three finish would be great.



Lack of depth is a killer. Hopeful one (or both) of the strugglers can step up today.


Well, out of all the contenders, UH was one of two teams to shoot over par today. West Ava was +1 and Coogs were +4. Very similar to how the women performed. Both teams had a shot at a very nice finish but faltered. Coaching is more than X’s and O’s, need to instill a winning mentality. Dave Williams was a perfect example of that. The best ever.
Disappointed, but maybe something to build on.

I caught the last 5-6 holes for De La Fuente on ESPN+. Broadcast was very complimentary, mentioning him being 28th in the WAGR(!) and saying they expect big things out of him in the future. Score wise our top 3 finished 2nd(T), 6th, and 8th(T). The only other teams to have at least three guys in the top 8 were UT(4) and OU(3) and they both finished 1-2 respectively. As I mentioned in my last post we got nothing out of the 4-5 spots and we lose are top 2 after this season. Hopefully they get selected for regionals and make it into the championship tourney.

On a side note, Cincy had a player birdie three of his last five holes to win a share of the individual championship (no playoff). Pretty cool considering this was the last tournament of his collegiate career and he wins his first and only individual championship.

is there a shot at making a regional this year? Not sure what the criteria is to making the postseason in college golf. hope we make it. wonder what this program needs to take the next step

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