B1G PAC Rumors?


B1G going after PAC teams?

Trying to kill the Pac 12?

Colorado to the Sun Belt. (Am I doing this right?)


A Baylor/Colorado Sun Belt rivalry in the making.

I don’t think this one is happening – look at the TV ratings. USC doesn’t exactly live up to their reputation in that department, and getting them almost certainly isn’t worth bringing other schools (UCLA, Stanford, Oregon) along. I think the B1G is probably sniffing around, but they’re not going to wind up taking anyone.

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Agreed. It’s just click bait.

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They aren’t even sniffing. Two different cultures, visions.

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BIG10 has to do this to stay relevant, especially if Clemson ends up in SEC. While the PAC12 has been bad, the new rules will allow wealthy alums to purchase players through endorsement deals. When it comes to wealthy alums, no conference can compete with the California schools, except Ivy League.

BTW, when is Landry’s going to sign some top OL prospects to endorsement deals so we can win?

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ESPN creating two super conferences - SEC and B1G. There will be tier 2 - ACC, PAC, and new AAC - and the rest tier 3 - MWC, CUSA, MAC, and SB. The former will demand $60M-$80M per school, tier 2 $15M-$20M per school, and the latter $2M - $4M per school.

Those are my thoughts.


The B1G is mostly FOX, I suspect. They’re trying to keep up. It doesn’t make sense for ESPN to maintain two separate conferences.

Greed, greed and more greed…f’ing $$$ HAS killed CFB, the greedy bastards are just too blinded by the $$$ to know it. Call it what it is

NFL Lite…taste like sh!& and less filling
Tier 1 = AAA
Tier 2 = AA
Tier 3 = A

Old Man screaming at cloud, rant over


ESPN controls SEC, ACC and AAC

FOX controls PAC 12 and BIG10

Big 12 is dead.


Do you see the tiers playing one another? That’s the lynchpin that allows for growth and mobility.

I think at most, they will announce a scheduling alliance for out of conference games. Geographically, culturally, etc., there is a big difference from the PAC and BIG. If I was USC, why would you sign up to leave sunny California to get to play cold weather games in Iowa, Michigan, or Ohio every November. I think you do it if you have to, but I don’t get a since they are in dire straights.

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Well it doesn’t look too good for the leftover8 or the home team …

And we may well be stuck in a chumpy AAC conf. for awhile now …

We can only hope for a miracle now …

I thought initially the play was for B12 to add 4 schools to go back to 12. But after the Cease and Desist letter from Bowlsby, we know that ESPN want total control of the AAC/B12 by having AAC pouching B12. ESPN doesn’t want Fox to share any control of the B12/AAC merger. B12 is done no matter how they want to spin it.

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Still scratching my head on what the AAC would and can poach

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Whoever ESPN says is likely who we’ll poach.

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Without UT and OU, and the countless other defectors, the current inventory in the AAC is more valuable than the current inventory in the Big12.

The previous 'Power Conference ’ designation means squat after 2025…ask our former Big East members (UC + USF) how that worked out.

The AAC would be wise to poach 3 or 5 Big 12 schools
If 3, add Oklahoma State, Kansas, West Virginia

If 5, add Texas Tech and Iowa State but look into BYU


I would qualify that statement as some of the current inventory of the AAC is more valuable than some of the B12, but not as a whole.

Tech, WVU, and OkSt carry a lot of eyeballs for the B12, and Kansas carries a lot eyeballs for basketball. Conversely, Tulane, Tulsa, and Temple do not do the same for us.

The big sticker is exit fees and remaining media deal. The Irate 8 will not want to lose those by coming to the AAC. It would be smarter for the B12 to add 3 from the AAC plus BYU or 4 from the AAC; probably Houston, Cincinnati, and either Memphis or UCF depending on whether they want a geographical fit or a larger tv market respectively.

I don’t think any of the other of the Irate 8 will find a P5 home or be willing to pay the hefty exit fees associated with leaving, nor do I believe they get enough schools to dissolve with so much money on the table. I think all Irate 8 schools know that in 2025 they will see a 50% or more drop in the revenue, and they will play nice and get the best deal they can at that time. With a few large media markets added (us included), they can probably solidify themselves as the tweener conference.

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