B1G wants a 16 team playoff?

Haven’t heard this anywhere else, but listen to this!

SEC and Big 10 wants anything they can get - their greedy and don’t care

they overpay coaches then complain so they try and hemorrhage tv networks to pay more so they can offset the problem THEY created

they deny access to other teams for a playoff - then other teams catch up and get in but now they need MORE slots

they hate NIL cause its splits the donor base - well - should’ve flight harder in the past for a decent compensation package and you may avoid NIL issues


BIG and SEC just want all there teams to make the playoffs.

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No thanks!

TV off…

I wonder why?

They’d still only get two in. :joy:

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Makes since for the SEC but not the Big 10.

Look at the final rankings……maybe Penn St. sneaks into the 15-16 spot but that’s it….

Overall top to bottom the BiG is not great.

Remember folks, the Wazzu Prez used his seat on the CFP committee to block the move from a 6-6 to a 5-7 format.

In a few years though…it’ll be a whole new ball game!

Honestly at this point, I could see the Power 2 getting rid of the concept of “out of conference” scheduling and just completely doing away with all of it.

Meaning, no need to schedule a cupcake FCS team and/or a cupcake G5 team to inflate your record

That way you don’t risk injuring your roster with pointless games and can go directly to the season/playoff

The FCS has a 16 team playoff, why shouldn’t the big guys?

Why would it matter honestly

The SEC/B1G could easily just form their own playoff system sanctioned by eachother. Who cares about a CFP committee

At this point, both the Power 2 conferences can pressure the Wazzu into agreeing with them or just form their own. I promise you they aren’t going to let a team who’s not even in a Power conference dictate what’s going to happen with the playoffs when it doesn’t even include them

If they form their own, then if I were everyone else in I-FBS football, I’d blackball them from March Madness, the College World Series, the NCAA Track and Field championships, and all intersectional scheduling in every sport, including football.

Probably because the representation of FCS players in the NFL is incredibly low, so there’s not really a need to care about injuries when the FCS is most likely their ceiling as athletes.

That’s no disrespect either, they will achieve greater athletic accomplishments than i ever have or will

I don’t think it’s that simple

Plus you have to consider the fact that football essentially pays for a lot of these other sports

The power dynamic really lays in football, but I agree that March Madness is a huge leverage point at least for the Big 12 because of how advertisement-heavy the month is for every single television channel that hosts games (it’s not just ESPN/Fox/ABC etc…

March Madness is the biggest leverage for the Big 12 to fight for it’s place in the college sports world, but it won’t really matter if the SEC/B1G just form their own conference/playoff system just for football

Not at schools that don’t even play football.

Those can blackball the P2 from intersectional competition in all other sports; that would include Big East schools and other conferences in basketball; that will make it hard for them to put together an attractive non-conference basketball schedule.

The Big 12 and ACC could likely blackball them in just about every sport. They have their own TV deals which aren’t necessarily dependent upon scheduling P2 teams.

I don’t know man, it seemed like the SEC was pretty weak this year, compared to what we usually see. Its major “power schools” not named Bama and UGA have been pretty light on power the last few seasons. You got Bama starting with a new coach and no one knows for certain how that is going to work. There is no natural attraction for kids to want to play in Tuscaloosa. The attraction was Saban. Look at what has happened to Florida? Meyer left and it went to crap. Before him, it was also pretty bad down there when Spurrier left.

I think the new SEC is going to be a lot of Texas, OU, and UGA, with Ole Miss, LSU and Tennessee switching back and fourth. The rest of these schools down here are going to have trouble.

The BIG is in a better position because, regardless of what some may think, these schools are attractive to a kid for reasons other than football. Yes the weather in MI and OH sucks in the winter, but winter is not all year, and by the time it gets cold, the season is over. Bowl games are in domes or in the Sun Belt. Plus, you got all of these West Coast schools. Oregon is not going anywhere. PSU always wins 10 games. USC will get better. UCLA? Well, its the BIGs version of Auburn.

This is going to end up like when the U.S. opened China to weaken the Soviet Union; it worked, but it also ended up weakening us.

The thread’s title should be the big10 wants a 16 schools playoff with only big10 and sec schools and everybody else can STFU.

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At the end he mentioned anti trust lawsuits

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We are witnessing power conferences doing what they have always done. Control the ship’s direction to their advantage. I hate absolutely hate to write it but the p2 model is coming. This is why getting to AAU asap is critical.

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Sixteeen teams is exactly what the book death to the b c s proposed.

I highly doubt though they’ll give every conference an automatic bid which is what should happen.

Every FBS conference should get a bid, and you’d still have at large bids to go around. Seems simple to me.

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