BABs to... Italy?

As in Florence, Italy.

This is crazy. Read this article first.

Then read this article.

Dominating Italian football competition in the middle of Tuscany sounds far too much like a dream retirement gig.

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I understand he would like to redeem himself but he should only go to Italy is he is interested in living and working overseas. There is nothing for him in this country but retirement.

Tuscany? Tough gig.

Coaching for :pizza:.


Might actually be the one place that has American style football where there will be little backlash for hiring him. Makes sense.

If he is looking for assistant coaches I am available. I have never actually coached in college but I have watched a lot of college football and I have been very critical of coaches.


Tuscana Italia molto bellissima

I have never coached and haven’t played since high school, but I was undefeated at NCAA football at the highest AI level several times. That should qualify me for an Italian GA job. I think I could sell my wife on it.

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Sleep at Holiday Inn Express and you are golden :joy:

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Si Certo, C’i sono molto opportunità per nostra esperienza.

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I would expect if he gets this job and talks in the near future that he will be on a sideline in the US in the next couple of years.

I’m actually surprised he hasn’t found some West Texas small town that needed a high school coach.

I’ll go visit on my next Italy trip. At least I’ll have someone that understands “Texan”.

Is he suddenly forgiven by UH fans or something? Seems like a lot of sympathy for his job status.

Forgiven … that proves Baylor BOR succeeded with their scheme. With great acrimony and fanfare they threw the coaching staff and football program under the bus; then quietly retracted their accusations. very few people have followed the whole story.

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I don’t think that joking about him falling so far that the only offer hi is getting is coaching a club team in an Italian league is forgiving him.

You are exactly right in this shaggylives. I have followed this very closely and it is exactly what happened to them.