Back by Popular or Unpopular Demand - What happened w Pics

UH gave up a 40 yard TD pass at end 3rd quarter…some pics to show what happened for those who are interested.

USF comes out twins to both sides(you can’t see WR at bottom or IJ so I put #14 there)
Joel Williams and A Rob will blitz from boundary side(yellow).
IMO CMD is playing Quarters Coverage…4 defenders each have a deep quarter of the field as their first responsibility…so if USF ran 4 verticals it would be covered.
Top of pic Myers #18 has outside WR(#1) and Anderson has inside WR(#2).
Sprewell has the TE in slot on field side(#2) and IJ has WR at bottom not visible.#12 Anenih is under graphic and will play zone underneath.

Both WR at top start out in vertical routes. Sprewell has dropped out pic(#21)but has the TE who’s route is yet unknown…Anenih will try and re route him inside. The TE is not of any importance here except to point out what Sprewell is looking at and why he isn’t to blame.

Both Wr are 9 yards into routes and both showing verticals so nothing has changed as far as responsibility.

#1 or outside WR route turns out to be a Hitch. Myers should cover this…if CMD hadn’t blitzed, Joell Williams would be underneath the Hitch as well. Myers should only let #1 go if he ran a drag across middle(R Brown and Anenih playing zone underneath middle would pick him up hopefully).If that happened, Myers could double #2 WR covered by Anderson.

This where things get bad. In the end Anderson lets his guy go…bottom line. In previous frame above he is running with inside WR with his back to QB(clearly man coverage).
This is my opinion of what happened. In previous frame above Anderson sees that Myers is over top of #2 and I think he questions himself as to whether he is in right coverage(he is). Myers has played a bit soft on #1, he seems worried that Anderson is going to be beat deep and is gonna help(WR #2 has gotten on top of Anderson).Myers is thinking better I give up the Hitch and tackle it rather than deep TD.
Current frame…Anderson thinks that Myers has his guy…he stops and looks at QB. Myers still on top WR#2.

Myers stops as well…hes confused because he knows he’s got the Hitch which is wide open. Anderson is in the abyss now covering nobody.

Sprewell runs to ball once released but he was covering TE from other side who had run a hook behind LBs.
I could be wrong…but I think Anderson questioned himself when he saw Myers deep and Myers thought Anderson was beat. They both wound up confused and stopping. Ultimately its Anderson at fault…he has #2 WR on vertical. Myers should have played #1 WR hitch more aggressively…especially because the flat Player Joell Williams blitzed. If inside WR(#2) had run a drag inside or an out route…Anderson would double WR#1. He ended up covering no one. It happens. Quarters or Cover 4 is designed to stop 4 verticals. Each guy that has quarter deep field first read is…does my guy go vertical??? if he does i got him man to man. If my guy does something else other than a vertical…i go to next read.


Thanks for the effort. If what you’re calling “hitch” is when the WR sprints downfield then doubles back to take the ball, USF did that several times I think.

Its just a stop route. He ran fast for 10 yards and then stopped and turned to QB…he was open…seemed Myers was worried about being beat deep(initially by his guy who runs hitch or stop) and played it soft.
But because Myers played so soft, he was in Andersons eye line when Anderson was covering his guy at first…I think that made him ??? himself. He may have got beaten regardless…but QB would have had to earn it with good throw

This is really helpful, Manster. I didn’t go back and watch, but I can only remember 2 times USF threw the ball down the field. This was one of them. Another one was where we gave Barnett all day in the pocket, he had to scramble, then found a man downfield. Overall our secondary did a great job of keeping the ball in front of them and not giving up a ton of 10 yard pass plays. The defense seems to get better each week, which is very encouraging given the start to the season.


They also went deep and Watkins made the pick in EZ. This defense makes a lot more mental mistakes than last year. The TD run where RB bounced outside after middle was stuffed is another example…4 different players lost contain or took bad angles on the play…which was initially played well by interior DL and ILBs. Just comes from losing focus on your job and wanting to make a play…nothing wrong with wanting to make a play, just have to do it while handling your responsibilities

Still can’t figure out why USF threw that deep ball that was intercepted. It reeked of desperation. Watkins had the step on that guy the whole way. The only way that pass could have been completed was if he had thrown it back shoulder. Oh well, I’ll take the pick.