Back to realignment…

No way the AAC agrees to this.

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Getting out while the getting is good.

Thank you RK and TF


Stole my idea for CUSA/Sun Belt to swap teams. Only way the AAC makes sense doing it is if Memphis/USF/Navy leave.

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That plan sounds like it creates three bad at worst, mediocre at best conferences.

I don’t know why anyone is wasting their time with this.

The only thing I can think of is Conference USA secretly got the ball rolling on this to make it seem like it wasn’t their idea.


So the guy from the B10 who yanked Rutgers and Maryland away for the almighty dollar wants the smaller conferences to just go to their geographic corners and shut up.


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So the G5 conferences are going to line up by geography, eh?

Not so different from what the PAC-12 does, eh?

Maybe that’s why you won’t see a B1G poaching of the PAC-12, and also why you won’t see the PAC-12 reaching beyond the Rockies.

As the article says…two G5 conferences are already regionally aligned (MAC and MWC).

So everyone goes and gets their money-makers and the G5 just needs to operate on a different model.

The G5 are not going to do that, though.

I ca see why CUSA and Sun Belt would go for this, I just don’t see why the AAC would want to.

This makes some sense but don’t think it will happen. In any event, I’m thankful I don’t have to worry about it.

the aac already released a statement that they have absolutely no interest in this

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McDonalds: “We think you should stay in California.”

In-and-Out Burger: “### you!”

From the article:

After failing to lure any Mountain West schools, sources said the AAC had set its sights East on some combination of UAB, North Texas, Texas State, UTSA, Appalachian State and perhaps others. There has also been buzz about Aresco going “big” and inviting up to eight schools to grow his conference to 16 teams.

Going to 16 would be suicidal IMO. Just need 3 to replace those leaving, maybe bring in a 4th to even it out at 12 for football and basketball.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Eight seems insane. I would go 4 (or 2 now with an eye towards 2 more later).

I just want to be out of the conference before those schools join. Don’t want that affiliation on our record.

[Sips a Scotch-neat…pinky skyward]

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