Bad Beats: 1990 Houston 24 Texas 45

I still contend that the refs in Austin were determined to not allow us to win that day. Coogs had too much momentum that season and UT couldn’t stand it.

Texas’ defense bottled up Weatherspoon as well, holding him to just 50 yards on fifteen carries. Texas’ defense, led by Oscar Giles, Shane Dronett, Mark Berry and Brian Jones frustrated Houston’s offense. The officials helped as well, calling back a first-half touchdown by Hazard even though replay showed he got a foot down. The Texas secondary took advantage of officials “letting them play” by using a physical man to man strategy that bordered on illegality.

I was in the band and that game sealed my hatred of texas for ever. Lousy officiating and even worse fans.


Hazzard’s TD was definitely bad officiating. I can’t comment on the rough coverage since I watched it on TV you miss most of what goes on until the ball gets there. Nevertheless, we shot ourselves in the foot plenty too, so it isn’t all on the officials.

Only time I’ve ever been concerned about safety leaving an athletic event. That said, I would have been even more concerned had we won.

Naw…they just beat us that game. We beat them soundly three years in a row prior to that year.

You can’t throw 4 interceptions and expect to beat a good UT team on their turf. You can’t give up 600 yards and expect to win the game. We should have played and coached better as a team.

Also 8 of our wins came against teams with losing records. Texas played 7 teams with winning records and finished 10-2, so UT had a strong team in 1990.

We like our wins, if they are earned or not, and as a fan base we tend to rationalize our loses.

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I have to disagree. If the refs don’t take away our first touchdown, we do not throw our first interception. Instead of texas getting the ball with momentum, it is the run n shoot doing what it normally does. I have no problem giving a team its due in defeat, but I blame that loss to texas on the refs.

I was at that game as well. That was probably the loudest game I’ve ever attended.

Bad officiating at ut (favoring ut)…What a Shock !!!

I have seen it at ut starting in 1968…Bought and paid for !!

You’re not talking about them pulling Paul Gipson out of the end zone after he was in about a yard and a half, are you?

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Yes. We were sitting right on that goal line. Not only was Gibson in the end zone, but most of our offensive line was also in the end zone.

When the refs got together and gave the ball to ut ( to run out the clock), I told my friend that you never want to be in a conference with these crooks.

I was right.


eff that game!

Wasn’t that the season that we were ranked 5 or something and went to Miami and got our butts handed to us, then Miami came to Austin the next week and did the same to them? I think that game was featured prominently in The U 30 for 30 for the disrespect Miami showed on the cow college field.

Miami wrecked UT in the Cotton Bowl. They could have named the score on Texas that day. The only offense Texas had was penalties on Miami

I was at that game as well. We had no answer for Hadnot. He was running over us. The fans were absolutely atrocious. The filth coming out of their mouths directed at the Cougar Dolls and the cheerleaders was unconscionable.

That was the last sporting event I went to in Austin. I was sitting high up on the tall side of the stadium. I have never had food and drinks thrown at me before. It was the worst experience ever.

The loss to Miami happened the following year in route to a 4-7 season in David Klingler’s last season. That was the start of my realization that Jenkins didn’t care about defense.