Bad news for Seabass


OOC, Coogs going down. Jackson and Seabass, plus Farrow missed this past week.

I remember had some back problems when he was here. I wonder if this is related?

I think I saw something on the NFL network bottom scroll about his hip and also back surgery. He will be out for the season.

I am praying that he makes a complete recovery. He is a huge/integral piece to the Patriots offense. This is a major/huge blow to the Patriots and Brady in particular. It is very rare to find a player this “smart”.
bellicheatchick now has a major problem. It is very difficult to replace a player of his caliber. This is not only going to affect the entire offense but the entire Team spirit.

I saw him in Vail last week. Didn’t talk to him, just walked past him. Hard to miss.

Saw Carl Lewis there last year.

He had offseason shoulder surgery then hurt his hip.

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