Bad science

I love science but there are exceptions I don’t agree with:

And then there is this incident that happened at our
own CDC a few years back that I had forgotten about.
Article states it took CDC 3.5 years to fill request
under freedom of information act . Interesting read.
So yes, failures and accidents happen at the best labs. Human fail safe systems fail. OTOH without studying something , you are living at nature’s whim.
Not sure what the right answer.

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And a more recent one at an Army lab…

So, as I read these other past events, I’m more inclined to believe the current pandemic was a result of an accidental breech or protocol failure at the Wuhan lab.

NRG I agree with you. It seems unbelievable to me that of all the wet markets in China, the one in the city that houses their bioweapons lab is the one that naturally produced the coronavirus.

But going back to Lonecats point, maybe this type
of research is too dangerous to be performing. Especially this gain of function (GOF) research.
And there at least 30 level 4 labs around the world
doing this stuff.

No arguments here. What if they work on bubonic plague?

We messed up on this in terms of how we shut down the economy but some good should come out of this. We should ban biological weapons research. We can’t control it. At least with nuclear you have fail safe mechanisms and you can see the missiles coming.

Plus nuclear requires some where with all, only a wealthy country can produce a nuclear weapon. They have something to lose. Terrorists just got a map of how to stop us with cheap bio weapons.

And we have apparently have 2 BSL-4 labs in
Galveston. What could possibly go wrong with
putting these labs on an island that has gone under water twice in last 100 years.

Reminds me of a story about eating from the tree of

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I believe that the black plague also started at the Wuhan wet market.

As a nation, we’ve done the work. It’s time to reopen everything, come what may.

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What? They told me this was the bad science thread.

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Who needs all that testing?