Ballpark Figures: UH runs $25M deficit before funding

UH spent $52M on athletics in 2015-16 and ran a $25M deficit which was funded by student fees and University funding. A&M’s figures are overstated by stadium renovation funding. Our stadium was already funded (for the most part).

TXST also runs a $25M deficit with just $9M in revenue. Their students pay $18M in fees. UNT has a $20M deficit and its students also spend more than ours but our admin covers the difference. Looking at TX Tech, TV funding helps a lot.

Missing is how much of the budget comes from Cougar Pride and other donors. Also, the $6,649,806 in scholarships really just is money that goes back to the university as tuition, housing, meal plans.

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Thinking that someone mixed up a column when it comes to basketball. Men only made $17K and women made over $300K when it comes to ticket sales?

The problem with these things is that there are always different ways to account for things. For example, if a donor gives a gift to the University, but wants some of it earmarked for athletics, how is it that counted? That’s not usually done via Cougar Pride at that point so where is that penciled in?

Seems to be in department revenue. Definitely some strange details, like the men’s/women’s hoops revenue and baseball/softball in some cases. Tuition, housing and meals come from the University. Some of that is variable expense vs. full allocation to overhead. Surely we raised more funds last year but also spent quite a bit in salaries…thinking football. Hopefully we can stay at a high level bowl and ranking wise which will help our long term potential to get better access to TV funds.

I believe the Athletic department pays the university for the tuition etc. Although it might be a shuffling of dollars really.

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You make it sound like paying professors, maintaining housing and food for athletes are minor expenses for the university.

How much of that do you think is happening, though?

There are serious issues with this data. For instance, it indicates that Texas State, a Sunbelt member (and a 1-bid basketball conference), receives about 1.5 times as much money from NCAA and conference distributions as UH. I know for a fact that’s not the case. I believe our distribution is around 6 million a year—not 1.6.

In fact, all the numbers for NCAA/conference distributions look suspect.

UH-1.6 million (AAC)

Texas St–2.1 million (Sunbelt)

UTSA–2.1 million (CUSA)

North Texas–3.2 million (CUSA—same conference as UTSA)

Texas Tech—11 million (the Big 12 makes 20 million a year per team on media alone, not counting CFP income, bowl income, and NCAA credits—which add over 100 million in additional conference revenue to the Big12 treasury every year).

These numbers are seriously flawed.

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Do we play top level college ball? NOPE!

Probably not that much.