Bally Sports RSNs, reportedly filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy next week

The well funded Networks/Streamers will be all over this.

Unless its changed the Texas Rangers had a % of ownership in Bally Sports SW.

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dam. going to miss bally’s rally show, brooke fletcher is dam hot !

They play all tons of high school games for Texas and Georgia every Friday which is pretty cool.

Was able to watch playoffs for both states.

You watch 365s Tx HS FB channel ?
@ 45 minutes every week in season.

No I’ve never heard of this. But it’s cool thanks!!

What a mess.

Am I alone it loving this? Or am I just an oldie that remembers watching the Rockets and Astros on free tv? At least the away games.

Those days are gone…was it Ch 20 that carried them.

I saw a financial article (i am not a finance guy) about the implications for MLB losing its RSN to bankruptcy and it is not good for MLB and viewing fans.

“If imploding Bally Sports RSNs can’t show games, then MLB will.”

“The Rally” is the best thing on Bally with Brooke Fletcher

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will be fine, she’s too hot to not get a job somewhere else in sports

That’s partly how casual fan in the 40s and up became fans of those teams

I remember as a kid when the Astros would play the cubs on the road on channel 20 and that meant no cartoons nor Batman that day since the cubs had no lights at night - so you made due

Same with rockets but their road games were at night - that meant arsenio hall was pushed back lol

But when we came back to school the next day we talked it all day

But in the early 90s the greed started to set in as hse started moving the home games with the bulls. And rockets to pay per view and then I think a playoff series

Free tv had a role in this world but greed hurts

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More Brooke looking thick and talking college BBall