Bama and Citadel tied 10-10 at half

So what !

World order is restored.

Citadel is FCS buddy…wearing the hound tooth today?

Got my Red Third Ward Coogs T-shirt on today! How about you?

Who’s he playing? Starters?

Started Tua, played Hurts a series or two and finished with Matt Jones. Final 50-17

Great win!!! Do you think committee can move Bama higher than #1??? Their SOS just went up big

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I think their 2nd string will move up to #2 in the nation but SOS will not affect the number #1 ranking. The next 2 games against #5 Georgia and a bowl bound Auburn will have an affect. Don’t you think it should be that way?

I’m just teasing. Bama great team. Natural let down 1st half. But why the he’ll are they playing them?

Maybe even the millennium…

Little sisters of the poor OOC team which seems to be in vogue by most teams these days. I don’t like it or agree with it and wish we didn’t do it either.

They didn’t play FCS early in season…but did have Louisiana. 2 weak opponents for them

Let’s count how many weak opponents we play…!!!

We aren’t Bama…although some think so

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No one is, but I will not knock the big boys for scheduling training opponents !

They all do. It also helps those teams financially.

I agree. If we held ourselves to a higher standard I would point fingers at the bigger boys but our schedule is weak OOC and in conference as well.

Actually, I am typically OK with our OOC schedule, given how hard it is to find P5 opponents to agree with a home and home schedule. Unfortunately, it is our conference schedule that hurts us.

However, we are where we are.

Our conference champion has the inside track to the NY6 bowl every year. Win the conference and you are likely to get the bid. Our conference mates are talented and well coached teams in almost every case, and that is why even the corrupt CFP Committee favors the American in their ratings over the MW, CUSA, MAC, and Sunbelt.

The only thing we lack is a solid TV contract. You can thank that moron, Marinatto for the craptastic deal we have now. We could all have been making $10M a team.

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