Bama and Citadel tied 10-10 at half

Do you think Saban should be fired?

Look at time of possession…still think doesn’t matter?? Citadel is FCS btw

Go Citadel!!


Please let it happen

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This November has been a real bizarre month.

I would love to see Citadel win.

Fake it coach!

I can’t imagine that this will hold up, but if Citadel were to win, it would likely be the upset of the century!!!

Bama will pull it off because they have 4 and 5 star reserved players. The Citadel best players will be on the field during the second half but they will be too tired to get the upset though I would love to see it happen.

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1.Bama fires Saban
2. Pez picks him up for cheap

We jinxed it

We still have UMass vs UGA…SEC taking on the titans today…smh

Saban must be out interviewing

It appears second half adjustments have kicked in and… ball game.

Now you know they will fire the OC because they should have a lot of points by now or maybe the DC. LSU could not score on Bama but the Citadel can! Something’s wrong with this picture.

Bama 30 Citadel 10
Any questions??

I saw it said over on Twitter that CFP will probably rank Citadel next week just so they’re a quality win


The cfp is going to take this game in consideration…NOT

And it’s Bama 37 Citadel 10
Tua with almost 340 yards passing near the end of the 3rd Qtr.