Band not going to SMU?

A post on ponyfans says that the Spirit of Houston band isn’t attending Saturday’s game. True? Hopefully a pep band can make it at least.

I know someone in the band and he said we is going. I’m not sure if it is the full band or just a small group

Money is always an issue with travel. Here’s how it breaks down this year;

Oklahoma at NRG (full Spirit of Houston)
at Cincinnati (a dozen cheer kids and mascot)
at Texas State (full Spirit of Houston minus buggy beauties).
at Navy (10 cheer and 50 band)
at SMU (will be around 100-120 kids)
at Memphis (working on a group of 70-100 kids)

Donors stepped up for Navy travel. Donors and coaches wives are working on a shared charter for Memphis since game is day after Thanksgiving. If you’d like to donate to Spirit of Houston travel budget, they’d love it. No donation is too small.


Great info and that’s a very solid group going to Dallas. I’ll look up the band donation link. Memphis is a key location for support.

They’re sending a pep band, it’ll be a day trip, the band is having money troubles, something about how the budget works has us still paying for trips we took three years ago so they’re trying to save money. Still going to SMU though. I guess I should mention that the spirit of Houston greatly appreciates any support it has received from all of the fans and alumni, and if having the band at the away trips and home games and events is something you really enjoy, donating directly to the spirit of Houston is possible and extremely benificial since we don’t recieve the same support as a lot of the other groups on campus despite having almost 400 members! Thanks y’all! See you at SMU!

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Oh sorry didn’t see that someone had already posted the info

How does the priority go? Is there more demand to go on road trips than we have spots available?

They allow anyone in the band to sign up for the pep band trips, then they decide who goes based on your years of membership, events/days of practice missed, general timeliness/attitude. And they always have a decided amount of each instrument they want to go. I think we usually have more people that want to go than spots available. I think they said almost 100 people signed up for the Memphis trip despite being the day after thanksgiving

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Is there a fund for the band available? To help send more of them to the games. They band is so much of what makes college football you know.

good to see we are sending a band!

Not totally sure if there is a specific fund for travel but any information on donations can probably be found at Or by contacting the directors with the info provided on the website.