Barnes brings some beef to Tennesee

Does Penny have his first rival?
ESPN Penny Hardaway of Memphis Tigers unloads on Rick Barnes of Tennessee Volunteers
Deadspin: Penny Hardaway Tells Rick Barnes "Get The Fuck Out Of Here" After Feisty Press Conference

Penny needs to do more coaching and less yapping.


He is better at yapping… and probably cheating.

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Really Shaggylives (if that is your real name). Soooooo a story about a conference opponent of couple decades (Memphis) and its new coach going up against a former UT coach that haunted Texas college basketball for over a decade is nothing to see? Not enlightening in any way of a conference opponent and perhaps our rival’s new coach (Penny Hardaway…yeah that Penny Hardaway)? Does this beef offer insight into Hardaway as a new coach?

You’re a “real” sports journalmalist but must not know Texas college basketball. Try this journalmalism experiment: Google “Penny Hardaway” then “Rick Barnes”. I’ll wait… Done now? You’re up to speed now. Next search CoogFans’ Cougar Basketball forum for “Memphis” and “UT or Longhorn or Texas.” Then read real hard. Don’t forget to squint as it’ll help you think. There ya go…connections being made…booooom: journalmalism!!!

…aaaaand your welcome.