Baseball America Texas Draft Report

Future, Present, and Past Coogs based off BA’s rankings. Number in Parenthesis is how they rank on BA’s Overall Top 500

  1. Seth Romero, LHP, Houston (27)
  2. Connor Wong, C, Houston (78)
  3. Marshall Kasowski, RHP, West Texas A&M (372)
  4. D’Mond LaFond, RHP, Refugio (Texas) HS (469)
  5. Corey Julks, OF, Houston
  6. Riley Richert, RHP, Howard (Texas) JC

Interesting that Scheiner, Cumbie, and King aren’t listed.

How high would LaFond have to be taken to sign?

Is this good news on Scheiner and Cumbie coming back?

Don’t know on LaFond, but I’d imagine, based on what I’ve seen, if he goes in the top 15 rounds, he’s gone.

I think Scheiner will get drafted in the top 20 rounds and is probably gone. He’s always been someone that’s been downgraded because he doesn’t have the physical tools that scouts love, but he’s produced at every level. He doesn’t have anything to prove in college anymore and coming back won’t help him in the draft next year.

I was surprised to not see Cumbie there. A lefty with his abilities should have teams salivating. Then again, he probably would benefit from another year as the Friday night guy for an entire season and pro teams may see it that way too. Out of the three, he’s probably the most likely to be in a UH jersey next year.

MLB Draft Tracker

Overall Ranks (only ranked about 200)
Romero is 24th
Wong 112th
Cumbie isn’t ranked
Julks isn’t ranked
Kasowski isn’t ranked
Lafond isn’t ranked
Scheiner isn’t listed
King isn’t listed