Baseball Hall of Fame 2022

Coming up in July, it is time the winningest post-season pitcher of all time gets into the hall of fame.

You could not select a better role model than this man:

Thought the debate crowd would want to discuss a notorious “juicer” in the game.

Silly me, the satellite is for politics

Baseball kind of two choices don’t they, start putting in some of the juicers or they are doing to have a real sparse HOF going forward. Plus the old folks committee is starting to get a little aggressive in letting guys who were really good but probably not HOF worthy in reality.

Also the baseball writers are easily one of the most concentrated groups of grumpiest old men and a few women who take themselves far too seriously

Andy is a borderline case even ignoring PEDs. I don’t think he gets in any time soon. Maybe the vet committee puts him in at some point.

Good point, Randy. Everyone loves that era too.

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They might, like I said they are getting more inti turning the HOF into the Hall of Really Good vs. the greatest to ever play the game.

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This is where I argue that Andy is the GOAT