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Maybe I’m wrong but seems to have fallen off a cliff. Around the Holidays they have been pretty good the last few years of having great giveaways if you like or share certain social media posts. This year there is nothing but a link to buy season tickets when we don’t even know the schedule yet.

In prior years I have supported the Dugout Club by giving what I can. Would receive good email traffic to sign up starting before Thanksgiving through end of year and visit links to donate. Nothing yet this year and on the cougar pride website there is no 2022 baseball specific form for the dugout club for 2022. Maybe they no longer have the dugout club and associated events.

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Was wondering the same…always enjoyed 'the twelve days…" promo they ran. Hopefully it’s not too late for them to to revive it.


Yeah it’s been bad this year. Something is up.

I received mine a while back. Maybe they had a computer glitch?
Call them if you want to give.

Hopefully with football and basketball back on track, maybe some attention and $$$ will come to the baseball program.

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Not with that POS schedule TW put together.


Opening Day at Cougar Field will be the banishing ceremony of Thor’s Hammer into the bottomless pit.

Really miss this promo……baseball really dropped the ball on this one. Easy and inexpensive to implement and involved fans across many types of social media.

I agree 100%. It seems once basketball became good, the baseball was just forgotten about. With the love for the sport of baseball at an all time high in the city, we should be cashing in on that.

Even with the lackluster on field performance the past few years. They should try to cash in on the idea that you can take the whole family to the ballgame for a fraction of the cost of the Astros.

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Have you seen the schedule?

I have been a die hard for about 30 years and I know there are many on this board that have been fans of UH baseball much longer.

Nobody is excited about seeing a down program playing a crap schedule….

I think 99% of us are ready for a change.


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