Basis for disdain for Taylor Swift is?

Do I get a guess who’s the winner?


You can go to our football board and under the super bowl thread find people complaining
TS was on screen for 15-20 seconds for maybe 3-4 times during the game. The need for people
to complain about that should tell you that it’s not a fabrication.

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You lost me here Chris; can you elaborate on this other hate of yours ?

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So you don’t hate Dude Wipe commercials? I’m so confused.


Better up my game :sunglasses:

Some one needs to



It’s him - she doesn’t bother me as I’ve never seen her interviewed about it or just don’t see where it has occurred

Kelce is the annoying one and now you see his brother getting in on the act after a quiet nfl career - their like the guys who just won’t shut up and will force themselves to be mainstream so they hog all opportunities and part of it - let’s be real - is race also

A black player does what Kelce does he’s damn near villainized for being too focused outside of football but Kelce is “boys will just be boys and he’s a part guy” - Gronkowski is the same way as he plays the aw shucks guy

But since mainstream media is controlled by more kelce’s than anyone else they go right with it

I doubt any of this has to do with race. Plenty of black athletes have platforms or business ventures outside of the NFL.

Travis Kelce is having a hot streak with the Chiefs, and he’s taking advantage of the opportunities that come with it. Can’t blame him.

That being said, Travis is in his mid 30s still playing football at the highest level in a high contact position. It would be pretty wise to start planning for retirement.

Do I think he genuinely is attracted to Taylor? If she wasn’t famous and wealthy, I doubt it. Money and fame can make anyone seem like a super model. I think Travis and Taylor are benefiting greatly from this relationship regardless of where it goes. It’s exposing Travis to numerous financial opportunities, and Taylor is getting millions upon millions of new fans.

I think everything Taylor is doing is pretty calculated at this point. She’s been famous all her life, and every thing she did to get to where she’s at now we’re all business moves. Why is she dragging someone like Ice Spice with her to the Super Bowl? Probably to try and get some of her fans too, which many of whom are black. That’s my guess. Ice Spice makes incredibly bad music that overly sexualizes women. Doubt the average Swiftie would care for it.

That’s an interesting post. Some things
I 100% agree , other things not so sure.

After watching the super bowl, I do find
Kelce to be annoying. His sideline antics of
bumping his coach did not sit well with me. Would a black player had gotten more bad press over it ? I think so.

I think he initiated and pursued the TS thing.
But guys usually do. Was it all because of
respect and admiration of TS ? Maybe, but he
may be calculating as well.

As for mainstream media control thing, I just don’t buy into that angle. But to each their

Enjoyed reading your posting,

What did he do? I’m lost.

That would make more sense if he wasn’t famous himself but still a bad take. You’re projecting your own assessment of Taylor’s attractiveness here, in my opinion.

So, first no one could be genuinely attracted to her except for her fame and wealth… now, she can’t be genuinely friends with someone either.

I’m sure many public moves are calculated or considered, unfortunately with the spotlight on her she may feel she has to think like that. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for her own benefit. She could very well have been trying to get Ice Spice more fans or attention from Swifties rather than the other way around. Then again it could be they are actually friends. It isn’t like Taylor Swift is trying to hold on to her fame right now as it slips away either.

I understand being skeptical of things a celebrity like Taylor Swift does, but those takes seem to be heavily biased in my opinion.

Yea, you may very well be right about the bad press that would come with a black player doing that.

Taylor is one of the biggest stars in the world. Eating a croissant in a cafe draws paparazzi.



Taylor Swift is hot looking and SUPER glam.

If he is healthy and straight, that’s reason enough for him to be attracted to her. Why WOULDN’T he be attracted to her, given that?

The fact that she’s also rich and famous just makes her all that much more desirable!


She did not ask to be on the broadcast, she was there simply to support her BF who plays for the Chiefs. She was on screen for what, 30 seconds, in a 3.5 hour game and so many people (not all here mind you) are losing their minds. In the time she was on screen she had no political message or agenda. Just someone supporting her BFs team by cheering, dancing and chugging a beer on the stadium screen. And after the game being proud of him and celebrated.

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I also think she is smart and has a great sense of humor. If you haven’t seen this, enjoy a laugh.

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All the more reason for him to like her!

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Kelce plays with Mahomes and is on a good team where he does not have to do too much outside his normal role because the system is in place - bottom line - is he the same for the Panthers? hell no lol - you never heard about him until recently and then he’s everywhere all of a sudden and now his family cashes in cause they want that piece of the pie

Ocho Cinco, TO, etc. were criticized weekly for their antics - a villain - imagine if TO would’ve bumped and screamed at Andy Reid then at the super bowl - no way

We always hear about people being a “system” guy as a way to discount their actual efforts. Yes, it helps having the right teammates., coach, etc. But it is a team sport. If the offensive line sucked, Mahomes would be terrible as well.

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Misguided anger based on the following of one man.

but he’s mahomes and has that “it” factor to offset a weak unit - he had no receivers at the beginning of the year

great players make other players better