Basketball Attendance

Anyone heard anything about limiting attendance to BB games this year ?

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We bought our tickets early and wondering the same thing. I bet they are waiting as long as they can to make that call


Well, the NCAA hasn’t made the call yet and will probably make it next month.

I was just wondering if BB does go forward, will there be attendance limitations ?

I trust there would be.

Thats one of the reasons i renewed mine. If there is a space issue i want to get first dibs and they didnt really give an option like football. Plus if only your season ticket holders go how do you space them out so they wont complain.

The only thing thats going to bother me is the mask when im profusely sweating and hyperventilating causing my glasses to fog up. I find myself not blinking when i wear my contacts.

I took the redshirt option for football. I bought my basketball tickets today. Mostly because it might be possible that we could not get to watch the first part of the season, but maybe could see conference.

All I know is this: if they play, I will be there!


Same here Pat.

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If there is attendance control for football, and these stadiums are outdoors, you can bet that there will be controls for indoor facilities as long as there is still no vaccine and infection rates continue.


If the NBA is running a bubble without fans, i just cant see colleges saying thats not for us.

Just received this info in an email from the ticket office…deadline extended.

Good afternoon and thank you for your continued support of Houston Men’s Basketball!

Houston Athletics continues to stay in close contact with state and local health officials along with the American Athletic Conference for guidance on the upcoming Men’s Basketball season. At this time, we will be extending the 2020-21 renewal deadline until further notice. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.


They should let us opt out this season just like the football did.

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I am guessing that’s why the extension. Trying to figure out attendance criteria and maybe offering an opt out. If necessary, that might appease those season ticket holders who may not be accommodated with drastically reduced attendance.

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They sent an email saying the deadline was extended indefinitely.

Didn’t read the above post. Apologies

NBA ending in September is still a big difference than starting in November.
Keeping fingers crossed

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