Basketball is a funny game

If you watch the Rockets, Garrison Mathews has become an important piece to the Rockets and one of the main reasons they are on a 7 game winning streak. So who is Garrison Mathews? He is an undrafted 2019 graduate out of Lipscomb. I had barely heard of Lipscomb let alone Garrison Mathews before this season. He played pretty well in the G (don’t call me D) League. But come on, no one knew who this guy was. I looked him up and Lipscomb had an NIT run while he was there, big deal.

I know what you are thinking, anybody can have a few good games. But when you watch this guy, he has real upper level NBA skills. This guy can really play and has upper level NBA athleticism. I think this guy is the real deal.

It is crazy how many high draft picks are misses and how many great basketball players come out of nowhere.

On a side note, I think we should have drafted Mobley. I know it is early but Mobley looks like the real deal.


We did draft Mobley. Back when I paid attention to the nba.


I wanted Mobley… But I think Green will develop into an all-star, also. He definitely has to improve his offensive efficiency and his defense.

I read, before the draft, that Mobley was the highest rated big man coming out of college since Anthony Davis… I don’t know how you pass in that, but he’s proving that statement so far…

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I like Green and I think he will become an all star level player….give him some time.

On your main point you are absolutely correct….you just never know.

I come from the world of baseball…. You think basketball is unpredictable you should see how many top draft picks wash out in baseball and how many low draft picks become all world.

One of the cool things about sports in general.

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Cuttino had a good career… But I think Evan will have a better one.

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Lipscomb is a Church of Christ college in Nashville. The Abilene Christian of Tennessee, so to speak.

You can say the same thing about HS recruits. How many 2 or 3 star players, or even walk-ons, turn out to be very good in college while there are quite a few 4 and 5 star recruits that turn out to be mediocre or worse?

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Yep they do come out of no where, especially when their hungry to be great, et el ,Wall Frazier’s, Earl " the Pearl" Monroe’s

Gotta love the physicality and intensity Mathews brings to the Rockets. He and Brooks have made watching the team enjoyable again. Hopefully the coach will realize both need to be on the floor together the entire game.