Baylor can't get ISU off the field

Iowa State up 14-0 in the first.

I find it hilarious, but I do want to see BU go undefeated, then NCAA post season ban them… Torn on how I feel about this.

Hope Baylor loses every game they have left. Rooting for the tarp to show up at McLane Stadium and for the Big12 to kick them out and add us.


No way. You would never hear the end of how Baylor would have won it all if they weren’t banned for “things that had nothing to do with football.”

Let them lose everything and watch their fans become tarps again. Considering the way they continue to reject ANY wrong doing that school can lose everything on and off the field and the world would be better for it.

Edit: @pray10 beat me to the tarp shot. Well done.

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I hope baylor loses every game left on their schedule.


It is possible. Wait, have they played KU ?

It looks like the first team that gets to 56 points will win today’s game.

let’s go ISU!

I can’t believe baylor escaped with the win.

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