Baylor Game 2 Thread (L 5-0)

Time to get back at it. Different lineup today.

Wong C
Padgett CF
Davis 1B
Scheiner SS
Julks RF
Triolo 3B
Etzel LF
Fuentes DH
Hollis 2B

Ullom P

Not a good sign. Weather delay of at least 30 minutes, so game won’t start until at least 3:30

This one is on me. I started watching on TV in the 7th and Game 2 was 0-0. I should have followed on Twitter.

The HBP in the bottom of 8th with a 1-2 count and runners on 1st and 2nd was a killer.

The gratuitous 3rd strike in the Top 7th did not help much either. Three outs left to get 5 or more runs.

5-0 in favor of the Bad Guys…and this is Baylor so this is both literal and figurative bad guys.

May have been me; I was traveling, but saw that Hollis had doubled in the 8th with one out and turned on the radio real quick. As soon as I did, Wong hit a liner to the shortstop and doubled Hollis off. Turned it right back off.

Going ahead and listening to the 2nd game though.

We are G5. So this only means something as far as inter state rival.

I am thinking about at large bid for regional and potential to host. 1 of 3 at Baylor is not bad but 2 of 3 would have looked really good.

Yep, 2 of 3 at Baylor would have been nice.

It’s not Game 2 that gets me, it’s the first game where we had a ton of opportunities to score runs and couldn’t do it while also committing defensive errors. Make the plays and score 1-2 more runs, we win that game.

If we can win the conference, our strength of schedule may be enough to get us over the hump, as long as we keep playing well. McNeese will be a tough game this week, they’re 12-4 with a win last week over LSU, but then we need to stomp a South Alabama.

Thanks for the info. I was checking out the schedule this week since it is Spring Break and thought about taking a mid-week $2 special. I saw it was McNeese but I did not know they were playing that well. Might have to take in a baseball game for a change (gave up season tickets behind the UH dugout about 9 or 10 years ago).

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