Baylor Has Lost 5 Straight Games! CDH must win! Absolutely!

Dave Aranda is slipping big time since late fall 2022!

CDH must show well during the next 5-6 weeks as recruits are paying real attention to how well we play.

With the roll out of the new football Ops Facility and a good Transfer Portal haul, Dana can make a real impact and dent in baylor’s recruiting.

Realignment isn’t certain but almost likely for UH again. We can’t let these jabroni’s in Waco off the mat.

They looked god awful against TX ST.

Utah coming to town and going to expose them further for a likely 6th loss!

CDH must capitalize!!!


You’re right about Utah. The Utes are gonna be accused of serious, violent incidents.


+1 for the creative title.

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Baylor will also be playing with their backup qb for a few weeks.

Feeling better about Baylor and TCU games… I think we at least split them!

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Definitely making the trek to Waco for that game! I hear lots of RED going.

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yeah, ticket prices for the Baylor game are dropping like a rock right now; I’m probably going to bet on their continued failure and check again after they lose to UT and TX, but it’s already a pretty good time to buy.

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I’m a Houston Grad and a Baylor Dad (and Father-in-Law), so I will be at the BU game!!

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