Baylor sticking with Aranda tells me they aren’t satisfied with the list of candidates available

I could be wrong but that’s how I see it

Aranda is just as bad if not worse than Dana, and Baylor has the advantage of being a legacy Big 12 team which means they should be performing much better than all the 4 new schools and they aren’t

While it’s good for Houston that we aren’t competing with Baylor for a head coach at this point in time, I still feel uneasy about the available candidates myself.

There’s not a single candidate that I’m 100% on.


Or they can’t get the ones they want.

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Ehh perhaps

Sticking with Aranda is a bold move either way. It’s very odd to me.

Kinne is the only coach who mentions Baylor, and he is a legacy guy…We have WAY more interest in our job right now…


I was reading their site to see what they thought about this and some of them had some choice names for Mack Rhoades.

Was surprised in the ones I read, “mkay” wasn’t mentioned.

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Apparently they owe Aranda $20-$30M. He just won a Sugar Bowl two years ago.


A few things working in Aranda’s favor vs Dana -

  1. He won a big 12 title 2 years ago. I’m sure that carries a bit of weight still. That’s a bigger deal than Dana’s second place in AAC.
  2. His buyout is ~$20M+ which is higher than Dana’s.
  3. Recruiting is way better than ours.
  4. He hasn’t given up like Dana.
  5. He’s a good dude that represents Baylor well.

Smokie x 2, Paul Cat.

It was the $.
To a lesser extent Baylor admin still believe in Aranda from 2021.

Two 2nd (S, WR) and two 3d (S, LB) round picks in 2021 left from Rhule.
Including former UH commit Bernard starting at LB for Bills. Good young Safety Pitre on the Texans. Not close 2 that talent there now.

Apparently doing it with $ upfront w very manageable debt.

Buying Aranda out meant taking $ from Major Domos that was earmarked for facilities.
He’s a nice guy and deserves 1 more year makes sense under that circumstance.

Shapen not the guy behind awful OL & bad WRs.
I like their RBs but only as good as OL.

They could have used him. Very mobile. VT much improved.

Exactly. A great person that reflects well on the university.

Some people seem to get the idea that very successful coaches all of the sudden forget how to coach.

Yeah i think were actually stuck because of the buyout

Frankly could care less.

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It is the money. Always the money.

Yeah… they also have multiple major athletics capitol projects ongoing. New basketball arena. New football facilities etc. Money is tight.

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Charlie Brewer was a solid QB then, Gerry Bohanon started 12 games in 2021 and won the Sugar Bowl. He transferred to USF and was beat out. QB injuries to Shapen, transfers, etc.

We were fortunate to have few injuries except King a few years ago.

Baylor football attendance will suffer next year. TCU is the big game. No UT, Tech, Utah and UH like this year.

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The Baylor President is in his corner. That’s his life raft.