Bayou Bucket Attendance?

Does anyone know what the reported attendance was last night? I didn’t hear it announced. I have also looked at various box scores and cannot find it anywhere.



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28,000 I think.

Chronicle says over 26k

Not enough. Let’s just get out in the open. This where this attendance threads go. Lol.

UH website says 26,253

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According to Rice’s SID office: 48,427. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . jk


I would guess about half of this would be the actual butt count.


Showed up? No more than 12k. Abysmal.

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Dump this worthless series and start a new rivalry.

Houston fans will not go and watch this.

It looked bad in the stadium I said it had to be the worst attended game there since the series started back up in 2000.

Correction it was 99 when it started back up I forgot that first game against them was when the Rob was remodled to open the 99 season.

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The last one I was in town for at Rice was Sumlin’s loss to Bailiff. That was an alright crowd but there was suspense for that game.

I’ve attended roughly 80% of the ones at UH.

The Rice game, imo, is a bad investment. I know a lot disagree but I hate this weekend more than all the rest every year.

Hell, start a rivalry game with ULALA or Louisiana Tech. That would be more fun.

My favorite bucket was 2009


Absolute domination

Was packed 32k at Robertson


ULaLa gets my vote. I’ll be tailgating at Randol’s or Prejean’s! :yum:

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If I were in charge of scheduling future years in the B12, I would offer home-and-homes to every FBS school close enough to make an easy drive. Proximity drives attendance.
UTSA, Rice, ULa, ULM, ArkyState, NTexas, SMU, Tulsa, Tulane… who am I leaving out?

I took a couple photos end of the second quarter (?). Not great angles but judge for yourself.

Coogs had a large crowd in the visitors side upper deck.


Why would a Big 12 school start a rivalry with a Sun Belt or CUSA school?

Est 40-50 :grin: