Bayou Bucket luncheon


Excellent comment by Dana!

Has always been thus.


He’s wrong I don’t hate him, I’m dissatisfied and disappointed with him. He can do better


The opposite of love is not hate, because to hate something you still have to care. I don’t care enough about Dana to love or hate him.
I do love Cougar football and hate that we looked so bad last week


When you win, everyone is a fan

  When you lose, everyone's a coach

Original quote from CoachV


I will always support this program, and I will root for CDH until he’s shown the door

That being said, his comment about “we need better players” does not sit well with me. I’m sorry: it just doesn’t.

I hope he turns things around

Go coogs


Yea, the better players note rubs me the wrong way. No excuse coach.


We need MORE better players.

We are definitely behind other big12 teams in overall squad TALENT because we have been in the weeds for almost 30 years !


Can they get someone better than Matt Musil to host that luncheon? The man is a fossil and doesn’t know much.

I don’t hate Dana. I still believe . We lost to a great running dual threat and kanas is good.


Kansas isn’t good. They are running an offensive scheme that we couldn’t figure out which is disappointing considering we had plenty of tape of them running it against WVU the week before they played us. Somebody will figure out how to stop them soon and when they do that weak Kansas defense won’t be able to keep them in the game.

Nobody hates Dana. He just needs to earn his paycheck.


We will find out how good Kansas is , we are not sure if they are not good, let’s see how they do in the Big 12 before we make blanket statements that they are no good

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I think there are several of our posters who hate Dana, I have had the displeasure of reading their rants.


Kansas had a very good, very large offensive line. It rendered Sack Ave ineffective


100% agree with you. I must add that you must have had great parents and a great upbringing. I could use a few choice words but in the spirit of of the present and future I won’t.

I watched that game again today. Our DE were crashing too hard on just about every play, instead of staying home and playing containment. Something Belk going to have to correct especially against a running QB

He knew it before we played them. Is it execution or “spotty” coaching?

Worked on first two plays. Parish made tackles on both times they ran left. Most of the following runs were to the right side. I need to rewatch to see what was happening to Caesar and his sub . . . . .

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