BB ticket update

Just received the update from CP, season tickets to be handled very similar to FB with similar choices. No floor seating this year. 25% capacity. Going to be a tough decision.

No way I will have the same quality seats due to the pecking order. I wonder if they will defer my FC commitment if I opt out?


Not a tough decision we opted in! Wear a face mask to the game if ur worried


Not worried…been to all the FB games and believe 25% is over the top. I just love my seats and would hate to be downgraded.


Nothing is that bad of a seat so looking forward to some basketball

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They tell you how seating or who gets to go? Sounds like at 25% alot of people are going to be left out.

Was told that all season ticket holders will be automatically rolled over into next year’s season with same seats. It bodes well for those that wish to opt out this year due to the pandemic. Was also told that we don’t have to pay anything yet for that to happen. But, if you want in on this year’s games, you have to renew quickly and then it’ll be the usual “pecking order” with account points.

Yeah, at 25% of capacity that’s less than 2,000 people, correct? Bummer…

I selected Option 1. Since I had already renewed my season tickets on the first day we could, I assume I will be able to get seats. I never want to miss a game in any season; but this season looks to be a very special one and I certainly don’t want to miss a minute of action of our Final Four run this go round.

As for the smaller crowd; I have been to games in the Hof that would make 25% look like a full house by comparison. Remember the Brooks, McCallum, Dickey years? It wasn’t that long ago that the “crowds” were like a few hundred.


I guess it’s a “good problem” that there won’t be enough tickets to go around! I mean, that’s just right around 900 pairs of tickets. Not going to take long to go through that allotment.

Opted in, hopefully will be in the allocation mix.

We got ours the first day available and hopefully get to each game

Make sure you go to the email and opt in

What email?

Season ticket holders that do not renew this season because of the virus will have their same seats for 2021-2022 season.

Yep — here’s an empty Hof just 5½ years ago — What a turnaround we’ve had!

I was probably sitting next to @EatEmUp when I took this…

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I went to a game on valentines day one year that had a very small crowd. So much so that I didn’t consider how much louder my voice projected and from 14 or so rows up near the center court, after a questionable call, I called a ref a butthole. I didn’t mean to be heard so clearly and I knew I was because he looked up, made eye contact and shook his head with disapproval. It’s funny now but I was mortified in the moment. :joy:


I’m with you. I use to move seats to the center because the student section had some of the worst seats. During one of the games I yelled something from my usual repertoire of comments and I felt like everyone on the floor looked up in that near empty stadium. Good times.


Just got my seat selection appointment for 11/17/2020 at 1:06 P.M. My ranking is 481.

Just got mine as well…better # than I expected. Might be in luck after all.

Got mine also!