Be honest, it's the coaching

I understand people are frustrated, otherwise no one would be on here venting etc. But bottom line, our issue is coaching and everything stems from it.

You want to blame quarterback play? - Coaching
You want to blame not going for it on 4 and inches? - Coaching
You wonder why we have a 31-14 lead with little over a quarter to go and we lose? - Coaching
You wonder how can we give up 42 points in a half? - Coaching

Every single issue we have is all related to coaching. Last night the offense would run a play that would have you scratch your head, and the next minute would have you cheering. Bad play call and then a good play call. We saw that the players can execute plays and score, and then other times look inept. This is play calling and again the coaching.

The defense looked all world in the first half and then gave up 42 in the second half. 42…42…42!!! Same players, same game, what happened? The coaching staff made no adjustments or the wrong ones. Of course there were some bad plays and penalties, but again it is about the coaching. Especially the taunting penalty, NO discipline. So once again this is not about the players abilities, this is about the coaching.

You can point out poor decisions by the coaches on offense, defense, and special teams. The players looked bad and good at times, but it is apparent that they are being told what to do and are doing what they are told.

Be honest, it’s the coach period.


I agree.

Defense gave up 35, not 42. Special teams gave up 7

But yes, it’s coaching

Cannot disagree and don’t see any course but to fire Applewhite. Feel bad for him what else can you do?

Calm down, please, you’re using way too much logic for these boards. It’s better to join in by blaming a whole host of different issues on a single position-QB play. lol

Technically yes but even still I throw it in the category of defense because they have the ball and you are preventing the progression of the ball and them from scoring. Also there are a lot of defensive players on special teams. Yes you are correct, but I am still placing that as a defensive failure since we couldn’t tackle their player and he scored.

Not according to this…

Video excerpt of cma’s post game interview. Either one of two things here, the players aren’t performing as coached or coaches not able to do their job as coaches. I believe the latter.

It’s the coaching staff. The talent is there, but it is not being coached or used properly.

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