Beef replacement

If you like chewy, Python is for you

Tastes like chicken



I don’t know about 13 foot but how about 24 inch?

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No thanks.

Fry it up with a side of dippin sauce and I’ll eat about anything.
We really take for granted our access to cheap protein. Not everyone in the world can eat beef, it’s good to have such a low-cost alternative for developing countries.

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Plenty in the Everglades and not welcome.

You first.

My favorite show “Swamp People” has branched into a python hunt in the Everglades. Pythons are taking over and destroying the ecosystem

You’re pythonophobic.

Well altogether friends:

Can we convince the Chinese that Python has some medicinal properties? That’ll make them go extinct!

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Make middle/H.S. children think that it is cool to wear:

JV’s version:

Prom version:

Think about the possibilities.