Belk to Notre Dame? Wut?

I’m getting some texts from my ND buddy about their boards being on fire for Belk saying he’s a top candidate (duh) and that he’s joining Marcus Freeman’s staff. I don’t know anything else I got a text and then saw a few posts on some boards before I got locked out.

Before y’all come at me, or send this to @MessageBoardGeniuses just know I’ve been deep into the red wine and whiskey since 330 today. :crazy_face:



Cinni DC Mike Tressel was the “lock” to get that job early in the week. The Iowa State DC was also in the mix.

I prefer tequila 1800 anejo aged

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You guys know that we will lose coaches, right?

Just need to keep Dana.

Lock thread

Some ND troll was on TOS asking what us Cougar fans thought about Belk .

+1 for mixing whiskey and wine.

That’s called, “A Tub Thumper.”

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Talking about expensive

“Ship to Texas” in what?

A ____ armored truck?

Have drink it from a eyedropper :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Don’t threaten me with a good time!

If Belk does leave, it would take me about a second to hire the new DC.

Brian Early. That guy is a superstar.



Hornitos Black Barrel. Good stuff. Sip and enjoy.

Go Coogs!!

Man, I really hope Belk stays. So much progress and momentum right now.

Close thread.

One ND poster pulled it out of his butt after a week of frustration of not landing a DC. They jumped on it and ran. All fan board BS!

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The ND crowd are steaming today that ND hired the Ohio State LB coach as their DL/defensive Run game coach.

The normally good or great Ohio State LB group has been average (awful vs Oregon and Michigan this year) since he got there.

We should be happy we have the kind of coaches that blue bloods are coming after.
Hey Jo, I finally left the dark side and came over.