Berry Tramel is impressed with the UH campus

access … students … stadium … area and restaurants surrounding the campus …

Link …

One of the lead writers for the Oklahoman

He met up with a lot ex-sooners now working for UH …

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Is night and day compared to just 10 years ago.

Norman, ok. Was night and day 12 hours ago … things change.

Tramel coming to our side? Hopefully.

Hoping this weekend does a lot to change the impression of UH to the Oklahomans. Now we just need the Kansas and Iowa folks to come down and take a look.

Tonight we had practice with the sooner band, everyone was nice and civil, but those kids rolled up, and every single member of their band had matching nikes, under armor type workout shirts, and iPads. I mean every single one, had an iPad. But what I found really intriguing is their our band out played, and out spirited them by about 300% iPads or no, and I was pretty proud that the students are building a culture now similar to those of the great schools where we can be proud of our school, and be proud of the tradition that we have inherited. Go Coogs! See you guys tomorrow! Don’t let the Sooners out spirit you!