Berry Tramel: Pros and Cons of Houston in Big 12

Another article today, but no new information.

That’s two articles by Tramel on Houston and the Big 12 in two days.

Very positive comments under the articles.

Okay that’s two days in a row … who exactly is Tramel preaching to … and why …

He hasn’t said anything about BYU or Cincy and his only Big12 article recently has been a negative on the cubbies and the usual OU related ones.

I hate to pull out my Sherlock/Endeavor Morse decoder rings but something is amiss in OK City or Berry has been smoking a lot of strange weed.

So far CowChip Brown and Kirk Bohls have also recommended us along with their chief $$horn contributor$$ … a few weeks ago.

Maybe it just nothing but I am almost tempted to go to yellow alert … StarTrek-wise … :wink:

Very strange indeed. Maybe this is a trial balloon of some sort to gauge reaction?

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