Best CBB players from the Last 10 years!

Field of 68s, list of top College players since 2012-2013.

Any predictions of who will be in the top 10??

How many Duke players will they shove into this list?? :smile:

Jahlil Okafor

Tyus Jones

Zion Williamson. Probably just Zion, i hope.


*Doug McDermott (Creighton)

*Luka Garza (Iowa)

*Anthony Davis (Kentucky) —> im swapping out Davis, for Trey Burke. Because i dont think Davis is in this decade

*Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin)

*Jalen Brunson (Villanova)

*Russ Smith (Louisville)

*Zion Williamson (Duke)

*Buddy Hield (Oklahoma)

*Ja Morant (Murray State) —> they better not. He was a one game sensation. Ja beats a soft Marquette team and loses to Florida St the next round. Cmon man

*Lonzo Ball (UCLA)

In no particular order. Screenshot it. I wont edit it. :smile:

Looked at the All Americans the last 10 years. Basically gotta win a title or be 1st team All American, im assuming to be in top 10

All of those are good guesses but Im pretty sure AD is ineligible by a year. Id probably swap him out with Frank Mason III from Kansas.

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I think you’re right on Anthony Davis.

A little Duke bias in my opinion. Grayson Allen being on this list is a joke. And to be honest, Paolo Banchero also.

Paolo was 3rd team All American. And didn’t win a Championship.

Fred Van Fleet as well, in my opinion

Definitely shows how March Madness can define your CBB legacy.

People remember Grayson for his game vs Wisconsin to win the title

Agreed. I wouldve had Suggs on before Banchero. Feel like some of that was influenced by him going #1 in the draft.

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Yeah, Jalen Suggs. Wow. That shot. But since they didn’t win the title. No love for him

Yup. Went 31-1 in his short college career but unfortunately lost the one that mattered the most. Had he gone to a blue blood though hed for sure be on this list.

@WhoWeTalkinBout you were right about Frank Mason.

I hit on Russ Smith, Trey Burke & Luka Garza.

Jahlil Okafor, top 10, i guess…:unamused:

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Mason, Garza, and Burke were all Wooden award winners so id have been shocked if they didnt make it somewhere in the list. Also looks like we got our answer about AD.

Yep. Mason was a very good player.

Okafor, was 1st team All American, did win a title. Was a top 5 NBA pick. I guess you gotta put him high

So far only four 1 and dones. Okafor, Barrett, Banchero and Trae Young. 4 out of 20

No Ja Morant or Lonzo Ball in the top 25 :thinking:

Lonzo was 1st team All American

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