Best lineup combinations

I think coach really likes shed as well are Francis…those guys are going to get minutes…Mark needs to get hungry and health

Shead can get better with his shooting.

More playing time will help that happen.

Francis will get minutes in blowout games.

In most situations, there will be 2 bigs in game with Cheney and White starting !!

Mark will eventually start with Moore coming off the bench.

Somebody mentioned Clavin Murphy on a thread about Shead. If he could learn the 15ft stop and pop shot that Calvin was famous for it would be an amazing addition to the game. Since he is a true guard looking to drive to the basket, being able to stop while driving and hit a pop jumper would make his play dynamic!

Shead has that floater already and has shown he can make some 3s. I am impressed with how much his game has progressed over the off-season. He looked good in the Maui tournament.


And could Edwards eventually be THE 6th man this season like Armoni was - instant offense with defense as well. That would allow a starting line up of


I don’t think Kyler is coming out of starting lineup. I think either Tramon’s taking Jamal’s spot or he’s coming off the bench as the 6th man. He’s got all the tools to fit that bill


Sampson has a deep bench - it’s a nice luxury to talk about Shead, Mark, Moore, etc as guys off the bench.


Yea. This s the first season where the guy coming off the bench is the natural post player. Chaney is a Boozer type (physical) Carlton is a Robert Parrish type (crafty).

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Shead plays harder than anybody else. He deserves to start and get a ton of minutes.

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Carlton seems to be getting more minutes than Chaney.

It really helps to have a true PG to help run the offense. Shead can be even better than Galen was for this team. Remember Galen didn’t really do much offensively until his senior year. Shead will continue to get better offensively. His defense can be a plus. We seemed to get the ball inside so
Much better with Shead. I like playing two scoring wings with Shead running the show. That gives him the ability to utilize Fabian and Carlton down low.

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Shead is also really good at making pocket passes in the lane off of rolls. He makes nice bounce passes and it seems like he doesn’t care at all about being flashy, which is perfect because he will continue to keep it simple.

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