Best place for boating?

Where’s the best place for boating around Houston? Clear Lake, Conroe, Lake Houston or what?

What kind of boating?

Like fooling around, drinking, maybe pull a tube behind, party type.

I’m not a boater myself.

I presume freshwater boating ?

I’ve been told Lake Houston is one big mud hole. Never been there so take it with a grain of salt.

Lake Conroe seems to be very popular for those activities; BUT, it seems to get very
crowded on weekends. To the point that seems a bit dangerous to me. We go there
every so often to go fishing on a pontoon boat; on weekdays it’s nice., However but that’s probably
not in play for many folks. Rentals are available.

I’ve camped at Lake Livingston and the lake there seemed very nice. Less urbanized and developed than Conroe if that’s your thing. Not too far of a drive.

Recently stayed at Lake Waco and enjoyed that too.

Personally, if drinking is the group thing, have a dedicated boat driver.

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Canyon Lake

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Agreed, Conroe gets really crowded on the weekend, with a range of boats from sailboats to cigarette boats that open it up. When we go, we boat in the morning and get off the water by noon. I hear good things about Canyon Lake.