Best place to park without a parking pass?

With the ongoing construction, any suggestions on the best place to park for the 11:00 game?

I enjoyed parking on the streets West of the stadium. Short walk and easy access to the stadium via the south west entrance.

But use common sense and dont give anyone a reason to break into you vehicle, park by a light if you can, or park in a paid lot. Some charge 5-20 bucks.

Oh and its little to no traffic if you’re heading towards downtown, medical center, montrose, or east side via the streets, after the game.

Take METRO Rail. It’s free, you don’t have to deal with traffic, it drops you off right outside the stadium, and riding with a couple hundred of your closest friends after a win gets very spirited! “WHOOOOOSE HOOOOOUSE?!?!?!”

I’ve done it for two years, with my 10-11 year old son, and other than the occasional pan handler/guy talking to himself out loud, I’ve never had any issues.

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I agree with this especially when the weather cooperates. I rode the rail for the first time last week from the Palm station. It was 8 mins once the train closed its doors to opening them at TDECU. I gave my orange pass to someone else to use for one game.


Is there still free parking and free METRO ride from the Dynamo stadium? Is easier for my group of 3 to get to EaDo than Palm center.

Up until this year, I used to park at Jack Yates High School. It costs $15 but is less than a block from the stadium and the proceeds go to the high school’s ROTC program.


Park by the Wellness Center. I stop for a pint at the bar that’s there (name escapes me) before the game and follow that up with a leisurely stroll through campus for the game. You can even check out the Student Center bookstore for apparel (when they’re open)!

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There’s a $10 cash lot adjacent to the blue lot. Easily accessed if you come at it from the Lockwood side.

Yates Parking Lot

Green Lot attendant was letting people in for $5. SMH.

It really depends on what you are trying to do. If you are only going to the game, the Metrorail is the best bet. If you are going to tailgate in the RV lot, there is $10 parking right across the street. It makes for a short walk to the RV lot and other lots where tailgating is going on, though it makes for a bit of a long walk after the game.

Astros are playing Rangers at Noon Saturday… will we be able to park at BBVA Stadium and take Metro Rail like we have for years?

Astros parking “overflow” goes East of I45 and takes up BBVA parking lots

Where else can one park downtown and ride Metro Rail for free to the game?

Go Coogs

in lots by the student rec center - very enjoyable walk through the center of campus


All the lots at BBVA are $20 when the Dynamo/astros play. Otherwise, the times I have parked at BBVA and have taken the rail to TDECU, the lot and rail were free.

Is there a parking lot there and is it free?

I should say that when the Dynamo/Astros are playing at the same time as the Coogs. Last week the Astros played a noon game and the cash lots signs were still up but there were no attendants.

There is a parking lot across the street in front of the Texas Children’s building. There was no charge when I parked for the Rice game in the evening. Not sure how it works for Saturday morning or Thursday evening games. Maybe someone with more experience can elaborate.

Link to Map

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I usually take the rail these days been when I did drive the car, I would take it to the Yakes parking lot. They charge anywhere from $5 to $10 and keep an eye on the lot. Each game it’s a different group that is receiving the donations. The Rice game, the money was going to support the Yates ROTC.

We gave up driving to campus even though I have faculty privileges. Our group meets at Palm Transit Center from Dickinson, Baytown and North Shore. We tailgate a light meal sometimes and then take the rail in. Travel time 7-8 minutes and the parking lot is very secure. It’s the Precinct Constable’s headquarters and an officer has been parked in the UH parking area each game. We especially recommend it for during the week Thursday games like Louisville last year. Makes the ride in and out enjoyable. Even our 5&6 yr old grandkids love the train. We won’t go any other way. Leaving the campus is an easy reverse ride. Usually back on 610 within 10-15 min post game getting on rail. Free parking, easy parking, quick in and out back to 610. Go Coogs! Beat Tech!


What’s the closest cash lot for parking near the stadium?