Betting Odds on Big 12 Expansion (UH: 5/2)

According to the K-State beat writer for the Witchita, Kan. newspaper.

If my math is right, these odds imply that handicappers believe 1.5 teams will be added to the Big 12. That means they’ve assigned some probability that no teams will be added, which is probably an accurate way to do it.

UT is involved. All of those odds should be divided by zero.


If you add up all the probabilities, it’s 163%. Juice plays a role in why it’s not 200%.

Wouldn’t “juice” suggest that the probabilities should add up to a little more than 200% (for two teams) instead of a little less?

Assuming we knew with certainty that there would be two teams selected, the house would want the public to bet on 2.2 teams being selected.

My bad. You’re right. I was wrong.

All I’ll do is to suggest you look at these NFL odds to win:

  1. The Super Bowl
  2. The NFC Championship
  3. The AFC Championship

In each instance, the odds suggest that more than one team will win each championship.

When money starts changing hands you know the information is starting to firm up. Not sure if that line came out prior to BYU-Gate or after.

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