Betting sites

What’s the best online sports book?

The thing about them is they charge you to send your money.

Didn’t know that…thanks for the reply

And there all off-shore sites of course. You’re at their mercy when they want to put owed :moneybag: in your acct. Ohh n if they get closed down you’re money is oohla. Some reason I seem to remember something like this abt 20+ yrs ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Best online gambling site I’ve ever used:

They do literally everything from sports betting to blackjack.

I won $500 last week playing the live black jack and their customer support was amazing. I actually was able to speak to a real person and she was super friendly.

They are based in Panama, they took my credit for a deposit and surprisingly chase bank didn’t block it because they had them listed as a trusted place even though it was considered and international charge.

Only thing was I had to pay a $15 on a $200 deposit. Also other negative is you have to pay a pretty hefty withdrawal fee unless you use bitcoin or bitcoin cash, which is free. I’d personally recommend bitcoin cash as it’s really easy to turn around and sell.