Betty White RIP


Started show biz in 1939. What a career. Never seemed to slow down, kept that wit till the end.


She’s gone? Just celebrated her 99th. WOW! May she RIP

Would have hit the milestone-- big hundee :100:
on Jan 17.

Rest in peace. She was such a good actress and incredibly funny. One of my favorites.

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BW never got into that Hollywood culture and that is probably one of the best comments anyone could give her. Lived life with great wit and never missed a chance in life realizing that every chance might be your last one.

Watched the golden girls as a kid cause that’s what was on broadcast tv. Appreciated as an adult when my gf rewatched it all.

Funniest person ever. Her humor was generally clean but when it went raunchy she could do it by simply implying something and by being ironic.

Death is easy, comedy is hard…she made it look easy.


Pretty amazing that Babe Ruth hit 552 of his home runs after she was born


Humor, being funny is the hardest thing to do as an actor. Making someone laugh is priceless. Think how easy it is to make someone cry. Betty White might be in heaven but the best gift that she has given us is her sense of humor. I love movies but what I love most is a great script with a gifted actor able to deliver it. Betty White was and is. Some of the lines in golden girls will never be allowed on today’s TV. They would be banned. Betty White made these lines “alive” and timeless.
R.I.P. Mrs. Betty White.

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You can’t write anything without getting political . . . or getting it wrong.

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Betty White also served in a women’s volunteer corps during WWII.

Happy New Year Lawbert.

Pretty sure all the Golden Girl episodes still show on reruns. Not banned yet

If they find out one of them was a conservative they’ll try.

Is there any real life example of this? I know they don’t run Cosby show reruns anymore but never heard of them taking down something because of political affiliation. Of course the red scare happened so there is that in our history. We canceled a lot of communists

They seem to be canceling every conservative on social media.

Give me some examples?

I don’t think Home Improvement is on cable/satellite like the Golden Girls