Big 10 and Big 12 Rebranding

Since the 10 and 12 numbers are virtually meaningless in each conference’s name, yet nothing has happened to change it, what do you think it will take for either of those conferences to rebrand? Possibly a brand that doesn’t have a number in the name so future expansion/contration doesn’t make the name meaningless.

Or is there too much equity in each of the brands that they wouldn’t want to give up?

The Big Ten has already worked towards rebranding with its “B1G” logo.

Not sure the whole name will change any time soon, but the primary logo has. You can easily see the logo as “B1G” as day outside of its HQ building as you drive along the north bound Tri-State near O’Hare Airport.

So, if the Big 12 adds 4 teams… think they will rebrand? Big 14? Or find a new name that doesn’t include a Number?

The Big12 owns the rights to the Big14 trademark.

I just took a look and it appears that trademark was abandoned.

I don’t have the link handy, but recently read that the Big12 renewed the Big14 trademark before the B1G announced their new TV deal.

Correct. I believe the Big 12 owns the rights to Big 16 as well.

I prefer conference names without numbers. It makes counting difficult…

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I agree, especially when realignment makes your number not match your membership.

The Big 10 will keep its “branding” as their previous logos all bear some semblance of the B10 regardless if they go to 16 or 20

B1G is just a capital B with a 1 (looking like an I ) and a G resembling a form of an 0.

Not certain what the Big12 will do … they can have butterflies and puppy dog tails spelling out XII for all we care … just as long the conference remains a P5 and is allowed in the playoffs.