Big 10 Expansion door no longer closed

Who are the “big players” in the new big 12?

Just as the AAC was a significant improvement over C*USA throughout, even a dinged Big 12 with AAC restock is going to be a significant improvement over the AAC. (Though most likely, the Big 12 will be able to pick off the best of the MWC, too, so it’ll be in an even better position.)

we dont want or NEED, anyone from the MWC…We are in great shape just the way we are…If something happens to destabilize PAC 12, then we should certainly talk to Colorado, ASU and Arizona…


That would represent a substantial drop in their academic standards. When Texas was sniffing around the B1G a decade ago, the “Texas Tech problem” was literally the on-the-record dealbreaker.

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I was looking at Jon Wilner tweeter account he’s the PAC mercurynews reporter who broke the story on UH being clear no. 1 choice for the PAC should they expand. You should see the amount of TT fans pimping him about TT being better choice than UH. Like he makes the decision. Funny thing about it he flat out told them there weren’t according to analytics. Because they don’t own DFW market like they claim

Taco Tech is a joke. They are stuck in Lubbock that’s their problem.

One of the counterarguments to “Sports don’t improve schools” is that but for the SWC and Big 12 I have difficulty believing a university in Lubbock without landgrant would be remotely as significant as Texas Tech is.


Moving forward, to compete with SEC and get more markets, the whole AAU thing may be dropped as far as academic affiliation goes. Once AAU is attained the Uni is brought in the AA fold. It allows the Big10 is bend but not break on the AAU thing.

the same ones that made us joining the big 12 more enticing than staying in the AAC.

in no particular order:

Kansas, West Virginia, ok state, Iowa State, hell probably Texas Tech.

we can pump our chests out as much as we want but at the end of the day our alumni base is very small compared to most any school in the big 12. if we join and then get gutted, we’re screwed. sad truth.

IMHO IF, and it’s a big IF, the BIG 10 were to expand the best move for it would be UCF and UH. That puts the BIG in 2 large TV/media markets, gets refugee fans from the rust belt, and counterbalances the SEC. Before everybody laughs I would liken the future expansion to chess. the idea being cut off offensive moves by your opponent and advance yourself.

Our alumni base is as big as any in the new Big 12 except for UT. Win and the fan base will grow greatly.


We are in a pro market. If we can average 40k that will be excellent for this market. I Watched the Rockets game the other night that arena was just empty a smattering of fans, brutal. Have to capture the so-so fan interest. And make them interested in what the hype is all about.


do I need to rephrase for you to grasp reality? fanbase? people who actually show up and spend money on our athletic program…?

im not trying to be overly Debby Downer, but I am a realist.

Its a fair-weather town. Always has been.


Agree. You can grow a fanbase. Takes real commitment and smart marketing. People laughed at Pro football initially when Halas and and his associates started the NFL. CFB was the only game in town until the NFL

Can you believe Rice use to get NFL size attendance in the 50’s. Why they have 70k plus stadium. SB was played there

Win and Houston will care. Even the Astros routinely drew around 15k for games in the Dome…look at them now.

no arguments from me and Im looking forward to seeing it all unfold.

Winning solve’s a lot of ills.

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Young man, you don’t need to rephrase anything for me or be snarky about it either. I stated a fact and I’ll bet that I’ve been watching the Coogs for more years than you’ve been alive. Good evening now.

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