Big 12 Baseball

Is that what place we’re in?


Whitting is about to get his A$$ KICKED in the Big12.


If he doesn’t start winning this year he won’t be around

Well, I am thinking the AAC whipped us enough he won’t feel the Big 12 belts…

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Let’s hope he can turn things around next year. Don’t you think it’s easier to turn around baseball than football?

Definitely easier than FB. Probably harder than basketball.

In AAC we had to be in top of league to make regional. The new B12 will be harder but will also land more teams in the tournament.

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Based on just W-L record it looks like Whitting took a nose dive during the COVID era… Could this be due to expanded rosters and travel restrictions which limit recruiting opportunities?

I think those factors and bad assistant coaching fueled that awful 2021 season.

Hopefully, he can turn it around next year.

The turf field is a revenue generator with youth tournaments and camps. It also eliminates many rainouts in our climate as well.


Big 12 Baseball is as good as it gets. As Coogs finished bottom of the AAC, if direction of the program does not improve immensely, it’s going to be rough to say the least.

As I said, I can only hope that our new conference affiliation will help us to bring in some better recruiting hauls…the types of hauls that will enable us to compete.

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Hopefully someone can come in and light a fire to build a new fan base. We have not had a passionate well attended fan base since Noble. Does anyone know there used to be baseball tailgating? Does anyone know the grassy knoll used be utilized for sun bathing? Does anyone know there was a rabid student section that used to sit behind the other dugout? It was FUN!


I remember the guys who would dig up stuff of opposing players and taunt them all game long lol

Chug-A-Lug Park is now but a distant memory.


As is Fall Down Friday.

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UH needs to go off in the transfer portal/JUCOs (anyone who can help right away)when we get the firm move date.

The 2nd best Conf RPI and as mentioned above the worst team RPI is 73.

They mostly have tough schedules. Only Kansas State(#87) outside the top 50.

Look at that!


Wow! That looks fake!

Ha! The hills are real but the grass is fake!

I would even prefer this for Cougar Field… at least restore dirt in the infield and the pitcher’s mound! Natural grass would be icing on the cake.


What’s funny is we played UT very tough and should’ve won that series but got smoked by our AAC conference mates last year.

Safe to say that photo wasn’t taken on a Sunday. :thinking: :wink: