Big 12 Baseball

How much will it help recruiting? How excited are yall about the matchups?

Right now we would be pretty close to the bottom in that proposed league.
Not sure what happened but our baseball program collapsed in just a few years.
Hoping for the best and I like Whitting but our baseball program has a very tough road ahead regardless of conference


Competely agree. But do you think the new conference will boost recruiting or do you think it’s moreso who the coach is? (Cruz at Rice, Berkman at HBU)

Not an insider but it is obvious our baseball program has collapsed.
For some reason our recruiting has cratered.
I have my theories but at the same time hoping Whitting can turn this thing around.
If not obviously changes will have to be made.
We don’t seem to be competing for the same quality of kids that we were before the Pandemic and other things that turned our country upside down

B12 is already VERY stout in baseball. This will definitely help in recruiting but we got a long road ahead to get to top shelf in that conference. ZERO excuses for how far our program has fallen, ship has to be turned around pronto as no time to waste.


Last year was almost a HISTORICALLY bad year.

However, telling recruits that they will be playing in the Big 12 will help us to sign the type of players that will help us rebuild.


Wake me when it’s 2030.


Yes it will help but baseball is a sport that takes a while to turn around.

We have to revamp the team on both sides of the ball.

I like the prospects. Better than this time last week.

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They were strong this season. West Virginia’s RPI rank was the “worst” at 75. We finished at 233 so I think “pretty close to the bottom” is being kind, “extremely and firmly entrenched at the bottom” might be more accurate. I wouldn’t count on being in the big 12 to fix this program. Hopefully when Whitting’s contract is up, they’ll hire someone who would never let things get so bad. Then maybe in 3-4 years, we’ll be where we should have been all along.


Maybe we can give Cruz a few years to learn how to be a head coach and then UH, the P5 program, can soiop in and steal him way from a G5 program and we take their recruits while we are at it.

Not like that hasn’t happened to us half a dozen times.

I’m not sure if you’re serious but that is his alma mater. I think he is looking to retire there.

I still think Sean Allen is the best candidate (David Pierce being more or less untouchable $$$). Allen doesn’t need a few years, he’s paid his dues and I believe he would make an immediate positive impact. I just don’t see Cruz or Berkman having any more success with their programs than Tony Gwynn had at San Diego State.

I noticed recently in a Cougar Pride brochure that our softball field is natural grass with a dirt infield. What would it take to convert Cougar Field back to natural grass and dirt infield? I would love to see this happen and would contribute towards this.



I think it’s Todd’s call.

Maybe we can endow some scholarships or coaching positions with the extra cash.

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Interesting… How well does our recent stretch of bad baseball line up with the switch to turf? Have we had a good year since the change from grass?

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I couldn’t find our history of home W-L. I could only find total W-L. We went to turf at the start of the 2014 season which is when we joined the AAC. The records don’t seem to indicate an advantage one way or the other. I just feel like the turf field with the black mound is a “plastic” look. Our school should be able to afford the maintenance of a natural grass field and dirt infield.

2021 19-34
2020 6-9
2019 32-24
2018 38-25
2017 42-21
2016 36-23
2015 43-20
2014 48-18
2013 36-22
2012 18-35-1
2011 27-32
2010 25-32
2009 27-30
2008 42-24
2007 28-28
2006 39-22
2005 29-30
2004 30-29
2003 37-30
2002 48-17
2001 29-30
2000 48-18
1999 40-24
1998 34-25
1997 40-23

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