Big 12 Expansion

Rumor has it the Big 12 may add even more schools. UCLA and USC have announced they are joining the Big 10 in 2024 (I really don’t get that one…).

The rumor is that Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah may be looking to join the Big 12 as a result.

So your saying we could finish even lower in the standings……cool


Oh My, update: BIG 12 has extended invites to Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Arizona State. Previous article I read had different schools.

So glad we.finalized our membership in the B12 before the PAC meltdown. It might have resulted in a different outcome for UH.


99.9% chance if we were not in already none of the four invited would have been asked……


Big 12 is going to be very, very good in the coming years…

Add the two Arizona schools, we will have the best basketball and best baseball conference

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I agree on the hoops front, but the Arizona schools do not push it past the SEC. The SEC just sent four teams to Omaha, plus UT and OU, out of 8.


Agreed. The SEC is an entirely different level from everyone else. And with NIL money, it’ll probably separate itself from the pack even more.

Whitting is lobbying hard for Colorado to be the only invitee.

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