Big 12 hoping to have expansion presentations wrapped up this week

Quote from the article (emphasis added):

“While expansion is being mulled and an Oct. 17 Big 12 Presidents meeting looms, another source said that standing pat at 10 is becoming a more likely scenario as lots of details are being worked out among schools, television networks and other parties.”

Exactly what I am thinking will happen! All this huffing & puffing, and in the end - nothing will have changed!

I honestly think that in that situation the PAC will make a move. but we will have to see, i am not even sure how much i like the bug 12 anymore. seems like more politics than good sports. but i guess there’s money involved.

I doubt it - at least for the time being. I think the PAC will move, but I think they will wait for the Little12-4+2 to collapse, which they think will happen in about 5 years. They might very well take UH in, but they want several other schools which are presently tied up in the Little12-4+2, unable to go elsewhere until that GOR expires!

The conference that should wake up and move - is the SEC!

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Its just more BS and hot air. This conference couldn’t jump off the tracks if a freight train was bearing down on it. There’s a reason A&M, Missouri, Colorado and Nebraska left. Actually, they didn’t leave so much as they escaped. Pray the SEC invites UH and OU.


UH and OU - that is most definitely my ultimate wish. UH is available right now, and the SEC should move on that - - now! Just consider what snatching their most eligible prospect from under their noses would do to the Little12-4+2; it would seal their doom, that is what it would do.

And then take OU when their GOR expires or diminishes a lot! They could work out the problems of uneven divisions; others have done it before - ACC, for example, right now.

If they don’t expand after putting all these schools through this absurd dog and pony show, making 20 some schools go hat in hand?

Garbage conference.

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This is a pony website reporting the obvious …

The interviews should be wrapping up this week with maybe some lingering into early next week … big deal …

Then it will take almost 5 weeks before the Big12 decides in mid October.

The SMU homer writer is grasping at straws for any sign of hope … about the only thing he has to offer is that Bowlsby lives near MockingBird Lane … so apparently living near the SMU campus is suppose to somehow help the purinas if someone should ask him of his opinion of them.


The SEC nor Pac12 haven’t shown any signs of expanding … nary ah peep from either side of the country …

The Pac12 has on going problems with their network and unhappy camper members related to this … they haven’t any time for expansion or are really NOT looking at anyone. The SEC isn’t looking either and those top level exec’s supposedly looking or thinking about UH were probably janitors and cleaning ladies working the top SEC building floors.

So those here hoping are like this wishful pony writer are only grasping at straws …

Its the Big12 … or … no cigar … PERIOD …

I believe Britton Banowsky, CUSA chief, lives a mile closer to SMU than Bowlsby.

Oops, Britton is now an exec with the CFP system. Even better!

Southland Conf Commish lives in Dallas area…Frisco Tx Conf H.Q. Maybe they can grab SMU. my other Team SHSU BearKats would take them this year.

SHSU would’ve taken SMU most years since the DP.

This week will be a test to see if they can keep the score within 30 at Waco.

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