Big 12 Meeting

They are supposed to meet today.

Anyone know the time?

The last one was at 5p. May be the same.

Someone needs to cue up the Hitler video with him ranting in the bunker. I’m sure that’s what the meeting is going be like when they ask Bowlsby how he could not see this coming.


There was this one, when Hitler…err UT found the Aggies were leaving them for the SEC


I had not seen that one before. I like how we ended up in CUSA.

OMG! That was soo funny.


What does it matter … as many here have already noted …

The majority of the leftover 8 voted against us the last time at expansion … sooo

What has changed from the last time … other than OU the horns skeddallling …

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Let it burn :fire:


What has changed ?
Roughly $150M tv dollars (an estimate by one of the ESPN talking heads this morning) which walked out the door. Their door…
THAT…is what has changed.

Yeah, and they lost their biggest Texas team.

They have greater need and we’re not as redundant.

Still don’t like our odds, but they’re better this time than last. Stuff changed.

I dont know about this now. What they’re probably discussing is how Bowlsby sent out that Cease and Desist letter. Did the other schools know about his intentions? Did he go rouge and do it on his own?

Bowlsby may have just crapped on all of the leftovers. That letter pretty much makes you a leper and will make conferences think twice before considering you for expansion. He pooped on a major player in the sports broadcasting world who will no doubt seek revenge. I can see big 12 games this coming season being placed on ESPN 3 or some backwater ESPN Channel. ESPN 8, “the Ocho” anyone? lol


Yea. That is the type of action that ices a business relationship. Expect the next commissioner to go to Bristol hat in hand.

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Meanwhile run to your congressmen while I threaten legal action against our conference broadcaster!!!

But definitely don’t panic.


Hope someone leaks that the PAC-12 is interested in Houston and watch them go after each other throats.

That aside it’s going to be radio silence across the board for weeks as lawyers hash it out.


Well it didn’t work last time.

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Well crap. We would have benefited from additional panic.

The ESPN Overlords will incite panic if they so desire it.

Their will shall be done.



Pyrrhic victory for Bowlsby.

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They go to DEFCON 5….
“Nothing to see here, move along…”
Uh Huh…