Big 12 says yes to Conference Championship Game in 2017

Surely this means they will add at least 2 more teams. Right?

ONE TRUE CHAMPION…that plays the other championship contender twice. In the case of a 1-1 split UT will pick themselves to advance to a NY6 game. If this wasnt so stupid it would be hilarious.

Not necessarily, but it would be dumb not to. A guaranteed rematch won’t earn any points in CFP committee eyes or the fans. Just a retread of a game already watched.

I can’t wait to see this backfire in Texas’ face. They’ll be the regular season league champions beating TCU along the way, and then TCU beats them in the rematch eliminating Texas from a possible spot in the playoff.

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Then they would expand faster than a roadrunner in front of a coyote.

I wonder what the division format will look like and how to keep it competitively balanced?

North (KU, KSU, OU, OSU, ISU) Champ plays “South” (UT, BU, TTU, TCU, W Va) Champ? 9 round robin games + 3 OOC. It just does not make much sense for a 10-team conference to have a Championship game. And this really points out what a ridiculous island W Va is on with the current conference make up.

(Note: my last post made no sense since I only added up to 8 games. it is actually ONE TRUE Champion Regular Season that means nothing once the ONE TRUE Champion is really crowned in the Championship Game.)

Wonder if the LHN will televise the Big XII Championship?

If it is a north/south format, would every team in the north division have at least a game in the state of Texas every year so they can recruit?

This feels like putting a kids’ bandage on a gunshot wound. It’s the appearance of doing something and it’ll have no effect on long term health.

Sincere question, what would be the point of having divisions if they’re all going to play each other anyway? And it wouldn’t be the north champion playing the south champion, would it? I thought it was just the top two.

The Big12 was told by their consultants that 12 teams, 8 conference games, and a championship game was the best path to making the playoffs. We are even better positioned since they are no longer considering a Big12 network.

No idea. I was just spit balling an idea. But if you only take the top 2 of 10 and they have already played H2H in EVERY season [you get this on occasion in other conferences due to crossover games but not every season], that seems odd as well. At least with divisions, they could pitch as 2 division winners facing off. It feels awkward.

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