Big 12 Schedule

Is it still going to be released Monday (1/30)?

Where did you hear that?

If they are going to release it later this month – as they have said – it has to be by Monday or Tuesday. Let’s just wait and see if they come up with another stall.

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pushed back to last week of January

Patience is a virtue.

not in this case.
Patience= Manipulation by 1 or 2 members to get what they want



Big boom coming.

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Rhoades says end of month and he’s not a liar is he?

Rhoades could have been saying what he was told and was true at the time. However, things over which he has no control may, or maybe could, have changed. If it turns out inaccurate today, doesn’t mean he lied then. But, I surely hope we do get it by the end of the month.

Looks like AD’s have no idea, when the schedule will be released. Which indicates presidential level decision. This is held up be either expansion or contraction ( longhorn and Sooners).

Totally agree. If it doesn’t happen by Tuesday he’ll just say that we’ll get it when we get it. Hopefully the conference office updates guidance if not out by Tuesday EOD.

I read somewhere (of course, I can’t find it right now) that the B12 has previously released their schedule either in December or February, so it is not uncommon to wait this long. We’ll see if it comes out next week

No reason to slander OU. We all know who is responsible.


Accordingly to big12 bylaws both OU and UT need to provide 18 month notice if they intend to leave by July 1st 2024 to start SEC play.

Essentially, they have until tomorrow midnight to give notice. Failure to do so means they intend to stay until 2025 and the big12 will release the schedule Tuesday morning.


Everything is negotiable. If they don’t give notice it means nothing. If 4 months from the Big 12 can get a good deal for UT/OU to leave before next season, they’ll waive the 18 month requirement.

OU is just as bad as UT in their arrogance over the other schools in the Big 12.

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18 months would have been Dec 31 2022 deadline.
Contracts mean nothing if they’re willing to write a check.

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They broke every SWC bylaws with the consequences that we all know.
By doing so they achieved what they wanted:
Get rid of U of H, smu, TCU

Three major recruiting areas.
madcowsu did not think, expect, want, forecasted that the BIG12:
Was going to survive and…Invite U of H.


Rice too