Big 12 TV contract breakdown - why they want to expand

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Great research Patrick and this is why…the PAC12 has to expand. It has always been about Dollars and cents.
Ideally we will have TWO invites. What is discussed behind close doors rarely reaches the press. Just a few days ago every possible sports websites proclaimed that the BIG12 would not expand. Just a few days ago the PAC12 said that they are not looking at expanding. Keep in mind that the PAC12 members are not happy with Scott recent decisions. The BIG12 decision to expand will “force” the issue. Expanding will get AT&T/Direct TV attention. I’ll keep my attention on the West Coast media as much as I can. These are truly exciting times.

Read between the lines. This article is dated but is now very relevant.

They may want to expand but I don’t see how that chart shows it. If that chart was accurate, each team stands to make the same amount with or without expansion. I think the deciding factor will be the playoffs. If they crunch the numbers and find that adding two teams increases the chances of one team and/or two teams making the playoffs, that would be worth it.

Remember that the incoming teams will take in less money at first (or maybe even the length of the current contract) allowing the current 10 schools to make more. I think it was a projected $8M per school if the conference adds 4.


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